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September 04, 2007



What is it about we cat lovers, that makes us so accepting of cat piss? I am the same way and after much training and courses in anger management, so is the Brit.


again....please refer to my post of today...

also...i have been lured into picking up what i thought was a leaf only to discover it was cat vomit. usually after some cat has eaten grass.

WHY do they eat grass anyway?


Kim: I don't think we're really "accepting" so much as "beaten down" and "defeated" I think psychologists call it "learned helplessness." It could arguably also be called "dementia." =)

Jen: Once upon a time I decided to collect ALL of the MANY cat toys into a bin, thinking it would be a nice way to maintain order and tidiness. Only to find out that hundreds of dollars worth of fluffy and rattling things purchased with all the love in the world apparently make for an exceptional and wonderfully plush cat box. I feel your friend's pain!

Meanwhile, it's oh so obvious why the eat grass...Because they hate us!


i googled it....gertrude is the patron saint of cats...in case you couldn't get to sleep tonight without knowing.

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