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September 18, 2007



You know I adore the baby of zen, but I was all ready for some ohhhing and ahhhing over a baby kitten! Picture soon please!

But then, who am I to demand a picture when I have so far spotlighted only one of my six for you? I suck.


My bad! As new mom to aforementioned bobble head, I am so derelict in the picture taking department that I should be doused in runny poop, made to sleep on the floor with no pillows or blankets, and tortured with interrupted sleep while catering to the high decibel screams of a small, rodent sized quadruped. Oh, wait...


But, I get to do the snorgles! Tee hee!


Kim: Don't think I haven't noticed either! But, fear not, kitten pictures are forthcoming, at the very least, by Saturday evening.

Ma: You know you love it!!!! And he only pooed on you the once. =)

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