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August 14, 2007



there are so many things i want to say so let me enumerate them:

1) the shelves, they are lovely
2) it's a failing that i must always look at what are on other's peoples bookshelves. if only to judge their taste in books. i saw you have jasper fforde. i tried to read him and failed miserably. katie fforde.....chick lit....easy read...yes. jasper fforde, time travel..hurts my head....no.
3) build a schoooner....i DARE you. i will tune in every day to see that project.
4) build a beer cozy and i will buy one



2) I am the worst kind of book snob: the dorky, in joking kind. =)

3) I think The Husband would divorce me...or, at least, start calling me Little Buddy and we can't have that.

4) It turns out the beer cozy involves many, MANY tiny little needles all going at the same time. This strikes fear into my very soul and thus, I am afraid their will be no beer cozies...though there will be beer.

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