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May 08, 2007



I just noticed I didn't link to the people I tagged...I suck, I'm sorry!


on the wall? weirdness! maybe you can give the cat some paper towels and some of that special pee be gone spray shit and make him clean it?

but the hats a cool idea too!

are you sure you dont live on an island?


Yep. I live right across the bridge from where I used to live which is an island. I figure it's the dog post from last weekend or whenever it was that is throwing you. I mentioned Merritt Island but it was the people who owned the dog that were on the island and the dog and I were on the mainland.

See, isn't that less confusing. =)


Wow Da Kine Diego's and Frankie Wings sounds like such nice snack places for me..burritos and wings..then I shall go to Thai Thai for a nice sushi dinner....no wait that should be snack too so I can have Victorios for dinner...:D

Thanks for doing the tag..Will be putting you on my updated list shortly..If you know of anyone else you tagged doing the tag please do drop me a message so I can update them too!! thanks so much!


Da Kine Diego sounds lovely. Oh yes, nothing better than surfers that serves Insane burritos man.

Not to mention the Wings at Frankie. Wooo.. I just love wings... much more than I love steak!

Oh your list just makes me drool so badly.
Thanks for doing the tag :D

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