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March 20, 2008



I love your trip down memory lane! Though I am from Southeran California, reading your memories dredges up mine. I'm going to return again one day and take a buttload of pictures.


Hehe, she said butt.


I got so distracted with the "butt" comment I forgot to leave my real comment. hehe

a) On the dresser that could easily be converted to stairs, might you also be able to leap from the top and perhaps using a crayon (or crown) write on the ceiling? Just wondering. =)

b) We totally have to make Sumi watch "The Sound of Music" in a few years and tape her singing and scooting up the stairs. =)


Kim: What part of Southern California?

Maily: a) You know, I wasn't going to mention that we did that.

b) I knew I shouldn't have mentioned that I did that. =)


I grew up in a little town called Monrovia, which if I remember correctly isn't too terribly far from Pasadena. My sister still lives in Huntington Beach and I have a brother in Vista, which I think is near San Diego.

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