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August 07, 2007



i've been reading you for quite some time.

i didn't even need to see american idol, i just turned to you for spot on recaps.

so it should be no surprise to learn that i've been following this bookcase building saga with great interest and i've got to say....pretending it never happened sounds like a wonderful idea and will probably save your marriage!!

I LOVE the upholstered bed. i've been tossing around the idea of doing an upholstered head board for a couple of months now. you've given me inspiration.

i also really like the port holes you put in for the cats. brilliant.

how about a new baby of zen?


Hi Jen! It's always nice to meet new people, especially if they're readers I don't know about. I'd welcome you to the party, but I guess you've been around. =)

The upholstered headboard was by far one of the easiest projects we've ever done. It was also the very first project we ever did so there is a very good chance that I have repressed the horror of it all during the last few years. Who can tell?

Meanwhile, I gotta say how tickled I am that you asked about the baby pictures just as I was about to unleash a torrential onslaught of them. You will be happy to know that she was particularly adorable today and the photographic proof is nothing short of glorious.

P.S. Also, I will never give up on the bookshelves. I'm not capable of that level of rationality and self control.

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