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May 02, 2007



is it just me, or are the idol posts getting shorter?

whats with that?

do i need to actually read the post to find out?

should i *gag* watch the show?


They are definitely getting shorter, but the reason is very simple: they're voting people off.

Since I write about each person individually, every week I lose a paragraph. Next week it will be even shorter because there are only four people left.


Your sarcasm kills me. This was a nice read after the religious debate going on with my blog...geez people, let it go already! But then again, I was not about to let the ho-bag comment (yes, I know who it is) and not address it. My blog is my home on the web, damnit!

But, now things will get really difficult for me in AI land as I love the remaining four contestants. Personally, I don't see why we can't have four American Idols this year to take the place of the former winners who haven't been doing much (Reubin, Fantasia, Taylor-who is coming to my town btw. My town is small and they have the gall to charge $90 a ticket!).


Kim: The controversy over on your side of the blogosphere hadn't escaped my attention! It's pretty crazy over there!

I find it SO annoying that people will get all up in arms about what someone writes on their own, personal website. It's like being mad a someone for doing their hair a way you don't like, it's crazy.

Meanwhile, I agree about the remaining AI people. It's going to be nothing but sadness from here on out...although I think we all know who should be left standing when it's all said and done...=)

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