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May 16, 2007



As much as I have enjoyed this final three, I personally really, really thought Blake would go home tonight. I am shocked and appalled that it is Melinda who was sent packing, though I know the girl has a long incredible career ahead of her. I admit to being a fan of Jordin, though not the eyebrow. I think Jordin is going to take the whole thing...but then again, I thought Melinda would be in the finale, so it shows what I know...which is apparently nothing.


At this point, I'm inclined to agree that Jordin should win...on the condition, that she shaves her eyebrows.

By the way, I normally read through what I've written before posting it to edit and spell check, but I managed to forget today. So, pardon the errors, but they're there to stay. =)


The only comment I heard from Simon after the elimination was:

"Congratulations to the both of you and commiserations to you Melinda."

Something like that.

Now I'm bored to see the finals. I don't like the two final performers much and watching them perform makes me feel uneasy.

The only reason why I was interested in watching Melinda perform is that to see if she can rise up to the occasion to top up her previous performances. For the other two, they're just so-so.

I think Jordin has an advantage especially if the original song composition that she will perform is a typical heartwarming ballad song but that is if she can pull it off. However, I hope Blake can pull off something great but I do wish he will refine the beatbox thing and try not to sound irksome and repetitive since watching Blake perform those similar stunts over and over makes me sick.

If Melinda can be eliminated, anything can happen now.


I had forgotten about the original songs, but you're right, they do tend to be ballads and I bet Jordin would be able to pull of the sappiness much better than Blake. And, I agree that the finale stands a very good chance of being interminably dull now that Melinda is gone. I think, at this point, I may be looking the most forward to it just being over.


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