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April 25, 2007



I thought the results were mean. Making Jordin think she was going home and all...and it pissed me off. She has become my favorite idol and it was just mean!

I wasn't crazy about a lot of the guests last night, though I do have an affection for Rascal Flatts (as I am a little bit country and a little bit rock n roll) and I always love to hear Hugh Laurie talk as himself. I assumed Quincy was directing the band as the idols were not paying any attention to him. Hated the Celine/Elvis thing, but I love Ellen.
I'm not sure you care about any of this as you didn't comment on it, so I thought I'd do it for you ;)


Yeah, I had a lot of trouble with this post. First I started writing about things that happened in the various "heart-wrenching" segments, but then I decided even I wasn't that much of an ass. Then I started writing about all the different acts and it started getting to jumpy. I wrote a little bit about Earth, Wind, and Fire and the deranged skeleton guy that plays guitar and I wrote a little about how Ellen was all gussied up to look exactly like Anne Heche and about the INCREDIBLY disturbing and probably insulting Celine Dion/ Elvis pairing, but I didn't want to intro each thing only to make one little snarky comment so I ended up erasing most of it. I did think that what they did to Jordin was incredibly rude and you could see how upset she was about it and I was going to write about that and about the fact that, if they were going to play this little game anyway, they should have kept Melinda till the end because that makes more sense, but then it would have screwed up the ending of my Bono gag and I loved the Bono gag too much to let that happen. =)

Meanwhile, see how long that was? And I didn't even go into depth about anything...

Oh, but I do have to say that I don't really know who/what Rascal Flats is and I don't believe I've ever seen them before, but I had a visceral reaction to their lead singer (?) when he popped up on the screen that lead to the complete malfunction of all my bodily systems and left me a trembling pile of mush under my desk. That is one unpleasant looking man(?).

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